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By David Kaplan -
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The fast-moving world of online marketing has taken giant strides with the advent of social networking.  SEO and SEM are now the basics and MySpace, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are all the rage.  As new tools come on line, I pay close attention to what Guy Kawasaki is saying and doing.  He not only stays right on top of what’s happening, Guy is what’s happening.

So my idea of the best practice for online marketing is to keep a close watch on Guy. His blog is virtual textbook on how to use the latest Internet tools. For example, Guy’s “online magazine rack” called Alltop recently put up a video promotion for MyAllTop, a new version with customizable pages for the reader. Click over to Alltop and watch the video; a slick, sharp, and highly effective application of best marketing practices on the Internet. Guy is the man.

Click around through Guy’s various articles to see how he shares freely not only what he does, but precisely how and why.  His article How to Use Twitter as a Twool is a terrific read, not only for it’s content, but for the attitude it teaches and his delightful sense of humor. Guy makes clear how he has built his enormous and loyal following by sharing information.  If you market on the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter, keep an an eye on Guy!

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