After working with David on business planning (as opposed to just writing business plans) for startups ranging from physician order entry software to expert systems for genomic research to search engine optimization, I’ve concluded that David’s unique talents are most valuable in areas where he is not a domain expert. His concentric analytic method, which incorporates Socratic techniques, critical reasoning and an instinct for knowing when we haven’t gotten quite to the bottom of the issue, helps an entrepreneur address the weaknesses in his/her business vision, and then discover gaps and untested assumptions in areas that the entrepreneur considers to be his or her core strengths. Both elements are important, but the latter requires David’s rare talent and insight. The value is not that David knows more about the specific business field than the entrepreneur; rather, the value comes from the process and the discipline David brings to planning.

Andrew Menard, Co-founder
Millikelvin Technologies and Cary Pharmaceuticals

David has helped manage the early stage planning process of several startup ventures in which I have been involved. He brings to the table superb writing skills that result in a clear, concise and compeling narrative. David’s ability to balance risk factors while seeing broad market opportunities makes him an invaluable player for emerging and mid-market companies.

Jean Welsh, EdD, Co-Founder
Lincoln Learning Solutions, LLC

David is a highly creative out of the box thinker that can solve problems most people just give up and walk away from. I learned after working with David for a couple of years to stop saying “there is no way that can work” after listening to his proposals to solve a problem. That is becuase I learned the hard way that 9 out of 10 times, no matter how crazy it sounded at first, when we fleshed it out, those crazy ideas not only worked, they often turned out to be brillant flashes of insight into extremely complex material that few people had addressed before. I eventually realized he wasn’t crazy, just thinking on a different plane that the rest of us.

Douglas Luckerman, Esq.
Law Office of Douglas J. Luckerman

Having an outside perspective in the formulation and presentation of a plan can be incredibly valuable. David Kaplan’s outstanding analytic and process skills will make any plan more robust. Highly recommended!

Avrum Belzer CEO & Co-Founder
ICAD, Inc., Expressgen, Inc., Millikelvin Technologies

Cheers to David Kaplan for the insights, expertise and creativity he brought to our consulting engagement. Because of his counsel I was able to appropriately refocus the energy of our operations planning to a more appropriate workforce development effort. David gave me the impetus necessary to view the business as an investor would, minding the long term strategy and taking steps to carefully execute and control growth. I was very impressed with his level of preparation and research of my company before each session and his ability to meet with absolute flexibility.

Nadia Nassif, Principal
Springboards Language Training and Consulting, LLC

Within the first five minutes of chatting with David and hearing the kind of questions he asked, I could tell that David Kaplan had intellectual capital that would add value to my business. My estimation was correct – he not only asked the right questions in our engagement, he also brought industry and academic knowledge in a structured way that allowed me to plan and execute effectively. David helped us identify new and relevant market segments that helped to sustain our business during an unprecedented economic storm and to refine our positioning in an incredibly competitive marketplace. Without David, our company would still be steering the ship in the wrong direction wasting months of precious time and money.

Joe Baz, CEO & Founder
Above the Fold, LLC

David Kaplan is a brilliant business strategist and consultant. He has asked me penetrating questions that no one else has ever asked me. He literally dissected the possibilities for scaling my venture. I have had much professional advice; none has reached these standards. I consider myself very fortunate to have found David Kaplan; I know we will succeed … David is an amazingly intelligent and capable coach. I would recommend him to all entrepreneurs.

Linda Samuels, MBA, MSc

David is responsive, enthusiastic, passionate, and has lots of resources from the business end. He is thinking about helping his clients make money, and marketing, and other stuff that is key for starting a business. He has also provided support and mentorship from the spectrum that is not in the field of psychology; which can be a helpful perspective for those of us starting out. Year first hired: 2009:  Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

RH, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I approached David for strategy advice several months after the launch of a new business as I had heard through others of his ability to get to the heart of things and propose creative solutions.  I took an instant liking to his style, as he is obviously someone who enjoys what he does and travels his own interesting path.  David arrived for our first meeting already well prepared on the particular industry issues I was facing, listened intently to my situation and provided a fresh perspective on things. Through his guidance and suggestions, a new and unique strategy emerged that was clear, easy to execute and effective for me going forward. David’s value-add is not just his business insight and experience, but his emphasis on action, reaction, and jettisoning activities that are not working for the bottom line. I look forward to working with David again as my business grows and changes, and value him as a resource.

Sean O’Reilly, Owner/Founder
3D Printsmith LLC