Business Plans

Different businesses facing various challenges require different kinds of plans.

  • Local Retailers — Local retailers and service providers seeking bank, SBA or other loans require relatively simple business plans that follow well-known formulas. Local Business Plans
  • Seed Funding — Entrepreneurs seeking first round seed funding from friends and relatives often produce informal or incomplete plans that primarily tout an innovative idea or invention. Seed Round Plans

  • Angel Plans — Angel investors generally require somewhat more analysis and detail, often depending on their relationship with the entrepreneur, knowledge of the field and personal style. Angel Plans
  • VC Plans — Start-ups seeking substantial funding from venture capital firms or institutional investors, joint venturers or other strategic partners must present highly detailed and sophisticated plans. Investment Grade Plans

The following articles discuss important facts and perspectives of business plans and their use, content, tone and structure. They should help everyone concerned about the business planning process to gain new and useful insights into their own planning.

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