Management Teams

photo-management-teamEvery business needs a plan to grow sales and productivity systematically, but management is often just too busy to take the time away from day-to-day operations to get it done. Someone may suggest a one week off-site, but that’s expensive and there never seems to be a good week to actually schedule it. Writing a business plan at an off-site is a bad idea anyway, it just does not give a management team enough time to think through and draft a comprehensive plan. All ideas, especially new, creative business solutions, improve with a little time to percolate. The best practice┬áengages a professional to facilitate an unhurried, highly productive series of weekly planning sessions. Professional facilitation saves substantial executive time, fits schedules and fosters an efficient, creative planning atmosphere.

We have 15 years of experience working with managements to plan for growth. Our planning process eliminates wasted energy by organizing the tasks and facilitating productive meetings. Using an outside consultant enables the entire group to raise hard questions that might otherwise not come up. The consultant acts as project manager and keeps the process on track within a proven planning framework. The management team can concentrate its energy on the Five Ways to Grow a Business and enjoy the collaborative atmosphere of the facilitated sessions. The result is a solid, thoroughly vetted growth plan that includes everyone’s best ideas, whose pieces all fit together and that the entire team owns; all in a format that is ready to present to the board.